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Hollywood Media was setup in 2007 to service the growing requirements of the internet, entertainment and media industry.

We supply small businesses, councils, charities, corporate, government and various other organisations with media ranging from exhibition displays, branded clothing to websites and stunning audio visual presentations.

Working with some of the most talented individuals in the media industry we take great pride in adhering to the highest professional standards going beyond and above the call of duty.

We take a fresh approach in what we do and believe in innovation not imitation, regardless of your requirements we will always strive to find you the best possible solution maintaining communication every step of the way.

Video Production

Video Web Advertising

Broadband technology has revolutionised the way we communicate and share data, this has opened up a growing market for online video advertising and more and more businesses are seeking advice and realising the true potential and revenue gained by utilising this form of media.

People are more receptive to being entertained whilst informed and studies have revealed that consumers much prefer listening to a real person. We can enable you to capture your audience with a well executed audio visual presentation, allowing you to directly inform visitors to the benefits and unique elements of your business, product or service.

At a fraction of the cost of television advertising, web video advertising has a proven track record for dramatically increasing sales and with so many different models and presenters to choose from, finding the right look and voice for your project is a walk in the park.

Television Advertising

If you have the budget, we can design, create and shoot literally anything but it is worth remembering that sometimes the simplest ideas can achieve the most surprising results. Prices for broadcast production do vary, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Do you need to make a documentary video or a social awareness campaign?

We can carry out all the necessary research and locate the resources needed. From presenters to experts, film crew to location. We have all the expertise to bring your project to life.

Video Training and Education

Manual training can be expensive, especially repetitive training. We specialise in making induction and training videos as well as a host of software training videos.

Why loose valuable staff and incur repetitive training costs, it is less expensive and far more effective to present your staff with a video presentation(s) followed by a test or a series of tests. This will also save on experienced trainers who otherwise would not be engaged.

It is impossible to remember everything, which is why it makes perfect sense to document processes and procedures in this way. Another huge benefit is the ability to make media readily available on a company network or internal intranet site allowing staff to browse and watch files as many times as they like. Helping you decrease costs and increase productivity.

Videos can be easily updated in order to keep up with current legislation.

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Sound Design

Sound Design and Music Production

From simple sound effects to complex sound beds and rich atmospheres, if you can think it, we can create it.

We treat all the elements of a design process equally whilst many ignore the true importance of audio by always choosing the quickest and easiest option, ‘copyright free’ music recordings. Pre recorded music libraries are nearly always poorly produced and cheapen any presentation. Having written and produced music for Commercial Television and Hollywood Movies, we completely understand the importance of audio and the impact that it can have when executed professionally. We can compose music for literally anything, we can even accurately recreate a piece of music for you, saving you time dealing with record companies, copyright owners and ultimately avoiding huge licence fees.

We are also experts in audio forensics and restoration, our audio and voice over productions are world class and we pride ourselves on these standards.

On Hold Advertising

Everybody places customers and clients on hold, this is a perfect opportunity to advertise to them informing listeners of all your latest offers and promotions. It is far less intrusive than a hard sales approach and with your very own bespoke music theme and voice over presenter taking this approach will not only boost your sales but also increase your professional profile.

We can supply voice over presenters from a variety of nationalities that speak many different languages, whether you require a poplar television personality or a simple audio translation.

Radio Advertising

If you are thinking of advertising on radio, there are a few things that you need to consider.
These days most commercial radio stations have their own production studio in order to compile and produce audio advertisements. As some of our clients have discovered the downside to this is “the more they make, the more they earn”, which ultimately could result in your advert not getting the attention it truly deserves.

Radio advertising is a major step but with a sales team paying you compliments like “you are the best thing since sliced bread”, it can be quite easy to fall into the trap.

Our mission is to capitalise on your air time. You only have ten or thirty seconds to make an impact, so it is imperative that your script is worded effectively and that the voice over is recorded with conviction and in the right character.

Another ingredient your audience will never forget is a catchy theme tune or song, the objective is for your clients and consumers to remember you after those few seconds and we can help you achieve just that.
We are passionate about music identity, creative wording and character scripting. We have a wealth of talented voice over artists of all ages and nationalities ready to bring your project to life.

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Design & Animation

Graphic Design & Animation

We employ and work with some of the most talented designers in the media industry, good design can mean the difference between life and death, it can totally transform a product or service. Perception is the word and our expertise is the key to achieving maximum potential, whether you are just starting out and in need of an identity or you are looking at packaging a new product. We can create a professional and effective presentation ensuring that you engage your audience and capitalise with expression.

We like to supply practical solutions rather than works of art and by working closely with our clients we make sure we fully understand their unique vision before moving forward.

To avoid costly mistakes we can provide a full proof reading service, this ensures the highest standards of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Website Design

Whether you are after something hi tech and animated or something simple and effective, we have the talent, the tools and the power to bring your website to life.

2D and 3D Animation

From simple character animation to 3D motion graphics, we can produce stunning title sequences and illustrations. Add this together with some bespoke music and we can create stunning audio visual presentations that achieve results and capture your audience every time.

Flash Banners and Advertisements

We specialise in flash advertisements, from web banners to direct mail presentations. Depending on your requirements we can incorporate animated text, images, audio and video into any one design.

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We photograph models, celebrities, bands, products, virtually anything that is needed for a project.

We have our own professional photography studio and a team of Photoshop experts ready to carry out any necessary retouching and editing.

There are various props, backgrounds and special effects lighting available.

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Event Design and Production

Using up to five separate cameras we can film live events with precision timing and accuracy whether you are making a live DVD, holding a Conference or a training seminar.

Planning a special or corporate event? Let us take care of the production process for you. From stage props to back drops, we can book the entertainment, supply the sound system, lighting, visuals as well as film the entire event for you. Make it an event to remember!

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